National Public Works Week WINNER!

Happy Public Works Week to all of our friends in the public works world! Thank you for all you do for your communities, and for all of us here at Lucity.

We were so excited to receive so many entries, and we truly enjoyed reading your submissions. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve selected winners to to honor each day this week. Today’s winner has been a Lucity user since 1999 (that’s nearly 20 years!) and as you can imagine their use of LucityAM has been a continually evolving and improving feat. They’ve truly become advisors for our Product Development team, and their creative uses of our software make them a fantastic resource for new users. Please join us in congratulating our first winners!

Day 1 Winner  >  Sanitation District Number 1, Kentucky
Third-Party Software Integrations

We received this submission from Jerry Biedenbender, the District’s GIS Manager. They’ve completed integrations with third-party solutions to further enhance Lucity’s offerings.

Verizon Fleet GPS Check Engine Light Work Requests
This year we implemented Esri Geo-Event Extension and started pulling real time GPS data for all of our vehicles. We are able to enhance and give additional meaning to the data by using SQL views that pull attributes from the Lucity fleet records and apply them to the Esri data that is written to the geodatabase. We have setup a process to receive email alerts when a check engine light comes on. Using Lucity’s email service when we receive one of the check engine alerts, a Lucity work request is automatically generated and assigned to the fleet manager. This has enhanced vehicle safety, increased vehicle efficiency and saved staff time.

PayCor Integrations with City Time and C-Code Allocation
Historically our field crews had to manually track their time in “Paycor” an HR Software for the time they spent working in each city. This meant they had to log into this software at the end of each day and estimate time spent working in each city. Using enhanced Lucity work flows and integrations with SQL Server reporting services, we were able to completely cut out this step for the field crews. Since they already have a city assigned to the work order and they are a resource on the work order, we are able to pull this data using SQL queries and push it to paycor, completely cutting out the manual processes. This has saved time and made the city time allocations more accurate. Since this was successful, we used the same logic to automate c-code time allocation as well.

Congratulations on your accomplishments, and thank you for your dedication!

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