National Public Works Week WINNER!

We’re celebrating the Biggest Success of Lucity’s public works champions. The second day of our Public Works Week Contest highlights an accomplishment a few years in the making. We love to hear of those “Aha!” moments that happen at our Annual Conference & Training (ACT), and seeing them come to fruition is even better. You’ll all recognize and appreciate the amount of effort and dedication this goal presented, but the agency’s committment to efficient and effective public works efforts. 

Day 2 Winner > City of Wichita, KS
Stormwater Web and Tablet Implementation

We wanted to share the full submission we received from Darrin Deutscher at the City of Wichita. His first-hand account of his efforts to move away from desktop software use to tablets is surely relatable to many of you. Take a few minutes to read his submission below, and then join us in congratulating Darrin and his entire team for completing this endeavor!

We had been diehard desktop fans for 20+ years. I went to my first Lucity conference in KC several years ago, and after seeing what was available in the tablet and web versions, I knew that, although it would be tough to make the change, the mobile and the web versions of Lucity were the future.

With Kevin Coons help, and Lucity classes, I learned all I could about the implementation and how to best proceed. We built all of our Grids, Forms, and Views in test, and then made sure everything was working as it should.

I found a couple of employees who were eager to move to the future and I empowered them to start growing the enthusiasm within our group. They did an amazing job and before we knew it, the employees were looking forward to the move.

Now I had a dilemma, I had tablets sitting on my desk ready to go but I was not sure of my faith in my employees to learn the new processes needed to do the work orders in the field. This doubt caused me to delay the roll out of the programs that I had worked so hard on.

I finally found the courage to proceed and my employees blew me away with their attitude and helpfulness to each other on learning these new processes. It must be noted that I had some employees that really had no idea how to even turn on a tablet on the day of training. I was amazed at how my younger employees jumped in and assisted the older ones without any judgement on their abilities.

With the logical way your system is put together, along with the eagerness of my employees, we were able to train all 17 employees in one day. When the day was over we had employees that knew how to go to their dashboards, create a work order and fill it out, select assets to add to that work order, and submit their work orders for supervisor review.

In the past all of our work orders were done on paper and turned in at night. The next morning I would spend approximately 3 hours inputting all the data into Lucity. We had no way to know exactly which structures and conduits had been cleaned, just used a 1 mile section of the city as reference.

Overnight this changed. We now have

  • Immediate knowledge of progress on work orders and requests.
  • Tracking of the exact structures and conduits that are cleaned and what day they were cleaned.
  • 3 of my supervising hours are now cleared to do other important work. (Takes less than 5 minutes to review and complete the work orders now).
  • Employees have a map of the storm system at their fingertips whenever they need it.

I worked with our GIS support person (Phil Waring) and he created different maps for Stormwater.

  • First one highlights every section of conduit within the city that has been televised. (Anyone can access this and see our progress)
  • Second one highlights every structure inspection that my inspection crew has done since implementation.
  • And the newest one just went live this week and it highlights every structure and conduit that my crews clean within a given year. (This has eliminated the need to red line the map at the end of the day to keep track of what has been done). This was accomplished by using the newly added Last WO Task Date. (Thanks Lucity for this improvement).

We will be rolling out the use of the Lucity Timesheet within a couple weeks, as we have just finished testing it.

We are well on our way to having the Warehousing finished in the test system so I can make sure it is ready for production.

I am familiarizing myself with the BMP module, so that I can get our compliance officer onto the tablets as well.

It has been a lot of work getting to this point, every bit has been worth it because the time savings and the increased tracking ability that has occurred has given us a substantial monetary and time savings.

Thank you to all of your employees who continue to create these amazing modules for us to use. I look forward to what is next.

Congratulations to the entire Wichita crew for this accomplishment! And thank you for your dedication!

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