National Public Works Week WINNER!

For today’s award we’re bending the rules a bit. One of the entry suggestions we gave was for you to nominate a co-worker who is your Public Works or asset management superstar, someone who is so valuable to you and your organization that they deserve a special callout. We received a handful of fantastic nominations and found it impossible to select only one winner. So we’ve decided to award all of our nominees! Take a look at the nominations we received and join us in congratulating (and thanking!) them!

Day 3 Winners  >  Public Works Superstars

Winner: John Jagielo, City of Elmhurst (nominated by Paul Burris)

As Utility Department Supervisor, John Jagielo has been leading the Lucity efforts in the Sewer Underground Division since 2016. His team is now performing all their Fat, Oil and Grease related inspections via Lucity. John has been using Lucity to manage his crew’s workload, to schedule routine inspections, and to track the water loss and labor cost associated to sewer repairs.

Why John is so indispensable: it would be hard to replace a man that has the dedication, leadership and desire to provide such great services to our residents and internal team members. John leads by example and makes sure he knows the jobs his staff is performing so he can assist with any setbacks quickly and efficiently. This desire as excelled him to lead our Lucity efforts and he has obtained great results so far.

Winner: Dave Foss, City of Elmhurst (nominated by Paul Burris)

As part of the operations and maintenance crew at the wastewater plant, Dave Foss has been instrumental in providing feedback about the usability of Lucity Mobile and the workflow. His knowledge about maintenance and his enthusiasm about having all assets’ repair history readily available has put Dave as a Lucity leader among his coworkers. He has been training his peers and is one of the main reasons Lucity is succeeding at the Wastewater Division.

Why is Dave so indispensable: Dave is relatively new to our organization but has desires to help others be the best they can. Dave is a lot like John when it comes to leadership and taking on the new challenges we face. Losing Dave would be a loss to our employees and residents.

Dave sets new standards daily by exceling with Lucity asset gathering and PM programing. Without Dave’s voice to challenge management on getting Lucity bugs worked out before we train the remainder of the staff, the transition could have been painful for the entire organization.

Winner: Darrin Deutscher, City of Wichita (nominated by Joleen Klenda)

Darrin Deutscher, General Supervisor II for Stormwater at the City of Wichita, Kansas has implemented the use of tablets for all of his crews this past year and has trained all of them to use the new software.  He has also taken on the administrator duties for all of Storm, Stream, Storm Tech and Flood Control.  He works behind the scenes creating all the grids, forms, and views that are needed for the different departments to be able to use the dashboards and the tablets more efficiently.

He currently has all of Stormwater employees using tablets in the field to complete all of their work orders, asset tracking, inspections and repairs.  The crews are also able to access a map in the field that shows every asset and where they are located.  This map is linked to their work orders and updates the information daily to show what has been worked on.  They are also able to do a daily equipment inspection that can be tracked in Lucity.  This has increased productivity exponentially this year.  Darrin has worked with the other supervisors in the other departments and now haw Storm Tech crews using their tablets, as well as on of the supervisors in Stream.  Darrin works daily to constantly increase the productivity at the city through new Lucity processes.

Darrin Deutscher is also one of the five city employees that have been given Administration rights in Lucity and he is exceptional in this area.  Darrin is extremely efficient at updating the work management records and asset inspection records in Lucity.

Darrin Deutscher is very much an asset to the Stormwater division of the City of Wichita (he’s been with the city for 29 years!) and his knowledge of Lucity definitely is exceptional.  He is our “superstar” and he is indispensable to us for the above reasons.  We would absolutely love for him to get some type of recognition for his great work ethic and expertise in the Lucity software.

Be sure you read Darrin’s award-winning submittal for full details about his accomplishments.

Winner: Jennifer Dailey, City of Tuscaloosa (nominated by Lauren Sudduth)

I would like to submit Jennifer Dailey as one of our Lucity super users. Jennifer began working in Lucity in 2015 when it was implemented at Water Distribution. Jennifer transitioned within the year to working in Wastewater Collections and continued to work to master the Work Order module. When Lucity Inventory was implemented at Water Distribution, Jennifer assisted with tasks relating to the implementation and essentially taught herself how to use the module. When she transitioned to working in Wastewater Collections, she began to assist the Asset Manag ement group with various tasks and learned how to use Lucity web. Shortly after, she began to learn how to create dashboards. In April of 2017, Jennifer joined the Asset Management group as a Quality Control Specialist. In the past year, Jennifer has worked hard to increase her knowledge of not only the front end of Lucity but the back end of the database as well. She has been involved and led various implementations and continues to be a key asset to the Asset Management group.

Jennifer has shown a passion for Lucity since beginning to use it in 2015 at Water Distribution. She takes ownership in the software and the validity of the data input on a daily basis. These are just a few reasons I nominate Jennifer Dailey as one of our Lucity superstars!

Congratulations to all our winners on your accomplishments, and thank you for your dedication!

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