National Public Works Week WINNER!

As we close out this week of celebrations we’d like to once again extend our gratitude to all of you. We are happy to acknowledge the “quiet dedication and indispensable influence” of all our friends in the Public Works world.

We’re ending the week with a glimpse at the more unusual side of citizen requests. No doubt you hear a wide range of requests and complaints from your community, and this example had us laughing.

Day 5 Winner  >  City of Scottsdale, Arizona
Bird on a Wire

We received this submission from Anne Harrison, the City’s Citizen Service Representative.

I had a citizen ask if I could send someone to their home to power wash the bird poop off of their sidewalk. I told him that we do not have the power washer or personnel to send out to clean citizens sidewalks. He was upset and said “well I do not feel that I have to clean it up, they are not my birds”!  I responded, “well they are not the city’s birds either!”

He then asked if I would please just send a pulse through the wire enough to shock them, so they will not land at his yard any more!

We’re assuming she answered ‘no’ to that last request!  Thanks for the chuckle, and thanks for your dedication (and patience)!

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