Lucity Support for ArcGIS Pro 2.2

We are pleased to announce that ArcGIS Pro 2.2 is officially supported with Lucity versions 2017r2 and higher.  This latest version of ArcGIS Pro was released by Esri® late last month and contains many new features and functionality.

If you aren’t familiar with or would like more information on the Lucity ArcGIS Pro Add-in look here.  Version 2018r2 (Aug 2018) will also include multiple enhancements to our ArcGIS Pro Add-in.  Some new tools include:

  • Module Spatial Layer- easily create feature layers on-the-fly showing your most recent inspection and work order location data.
  • Bookmark Manager- create, view, and share map extents with other Lucity users in ArcGIS Pro and the Lucity webmap.
  • Update GIS Values tool- provides a convenient method to populate your GIS with the most up-to-date Lucity data.

Lucity ACT 2018 will contain some sessions on our ArcGIS Pro Add-in, so if you plan to join us in Palm Springs this September for our annual event, be sure to check these out!

Feel free to contact a Lucity support representative for more details.

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