Update to Assetic Predictor

The Assetic Lucity partnership brings Lucity users a more complete view of your assets, their performance, and the paths to making better asset decisions.

  • Using your Lucity data, Assetic Predictor models multiple ways to reach your budget and service goals, uncovering all-new strategies
  • Boosted by ArcGIS, quickly visualize funding scenarios, analyze impact, and provide a clear view for stakeholders and the community
  • Constantly improve your long-term asset management plan, demonstrating your organization’s commitment to efficiency across the board

The latest-release Assetic Predictor 5 contains exciting new features and enhancements to ensure that it remains on the cutting edge of asset life-cycle prediction modeling. We’ve added flexibility in the way you build your model, by adding features that let you fine-tune to a level never before seen. Latest enhancements include:

  • Import and model using raw asset performance data in any appropriate scale. Harness data direct from field staff, contractors, drones, and inspection vehicles to and trigger treatments within your model using native ranges
  • Apply individual degradation strategies to each service criteria, to ensure simulations are reflective of the current life-cycle degradation of the asset
  • Display transformed data distribution as either a bar graph or a pie chart; this improved view of the distribution of each service criteria enables a high-level helicopter view of the degradation profile to ensure it’s been correctly applied. This feature is further supported by numerous info pop-ups and hover buttons to provide more guidance at every step
  • Enjoy additional enhancements to the Assetic Predictor-Esri integration, giving the ability to pull data from a thematic map in an Esri shapefile, generate a life-cycle simulation, and then view the output spatially on a thematic map

Learn more at assetic.com/lucity, or watch this overview demo video of the Assetic Predictor 5 release now.

Brought to you by Assetic. 

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