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As I am sure that you have heard by now, Lucity has been acquired by CentralSquare Technologies (  We (Lucity’s Management Team and staff) are very excited about this change.  However, we also realize that change can be concerning. We’ve received questions from our user community and I thought I’d address them here. You can continue reaching out to us as you have been as questions arise – I always love to talk with our users!

“Congratulations Don!  Are you retiring soon? What’s going to happen to the Lucity team we know and love?”

I have no plans to retire anytime soon and the management team is staying put.  We are excited about this next chapter in Lucity’s life.  The biggest change in my responsibilities will be that I will now be reporting to a single person and not a Board of Directors. The new person I’m reporting to is Tom Amburgey, the GM of Public Administration at CentralSquare. Tom himself has served as the CIO of multiple communities and is “cut from the same cloth” as many of us. The Lucity team will still be here, working hard for our user community. We’re all just as committed to the Lucity user community as we’ve always been.

“Is Lucity a different company?  What happens to our existing contracts?”

Lucity, Inc. still exists – just our ownership has changed.  Lucity’s ownership was always changing behind the scenes in the past as staff bought shares of stock and other owners redeemed shares. Our corporation name remains the same (and we are still a Kansas Corporation).  Therefore, there is no need to do anything different with current or future contracts.  Please continue to make all checks out to Lucity, Inc.

“Your support is the best of all of our software vendors.  Is that going to change?”

One reason that we felt a merger with CentralSquare would be beneficial is their commitment to customer support.  They have the same business model that we do – acquire a client and then keep that client for life.  CentralSquare’s sole focus is developing software for local governments that addresses the breadth of your needs.    We do not have to worry about CentralSquare making sweeping changes to our support practices because a client-first / community focus is central to their values as well.

“How long can I plan on using Lucity in its current form?”

Great question!  CentralSquare had a great interest in Lucity because of our strong Asset Management/Work Management/GIS technologies.  Obviously, they want to develop integrations, where beneficial, to all their existing products, including Permitting, Financials, Utility Billing, etc.  They plan for Lucity to continue its presence as a best-of-breed solution, just as we had prior to the merger.  Therefore, I do not see any changes to clients (except for more and faster enhancements) for the foreseeable future.

“Don – I am really nervous.  You guys have been great!”

We look at this merger as a great opportunity for Lucity to really take off.  CentralSquare’s business plan focuses on growth, both in product development and in its user community.  They are the number one provider of Public Safety software in North America and the number two provider of Public Administration software in North America.  They would like to see all their current clients using Lucity for asset management.  By the same token, they would love for Lucity’s clients to see the advantages of well-integrated complementary products – giving you that “single pane of glass” to view all your assets, finances, taxes, utilities, and permitting.

We believe that CentralSquare has the resources to allow us to grow our product line at a rate and with enhancements that would be best for our users.  If you know me, you know I always have lots of ideas as to where the software can grow (just as you do!), and this provides us a much better chance of achieving that vision. We’ll expand our development team and bring new applications to our users in a timely manner. This means you’ll be able to support your communities in a much more efficient and cost-effective way.

All that said, here at Lucity we know that our clients are the reason we are the company we are today, and we are going to work hard to continue providing you first-class service.

“Don – how does this affect existing and current integrations with other products that are in competition with CentralSquare products?”

I have spoken to CentralSquare management about this very issue.  I have been assured that we can continue to create and support integrations to Eden, Munis, Harris, and all other products where you need a Lucity integration.  This is important for us as we continue to compete as a best-of-breed application.

“How does this affect the annual user conference (ACT)?

ACT19 will still be taking place in Kansas City from September 30th – October 3rd (  We’ll still fill our agenda with training classes, networking opportunities, and user success stories so be sure you reserve your spot and make plans to attend soon.

CentralSquare also has a conference from March 17th to March 20th in San Antonio, Texas (  Lucity will be there as well, and this will be a great way to find out about all of the CentralSquare offerings that could benefit your community.

I hope that these explanations allay any concerns that you may have.  I cannot stress strongly enough that we feel like this is a great partnership between you, CentralSquare and ourselves.  We understand that there are bumps in the road with any change, but rest assured we are as committed to your success now as we were prior to the merger.


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