Lucity 2019 is Now Available

We recently released Lucity 2019.  It is available for download from our support site downloads pageSome of the new features available in our release include:

  • SAML Single Sign-On login support in web and mobile
  • More WYSIWYG Form Designer improvements including new Limit List options and configuration
  • Toolkits now honor restricted and allow input properties
  • Asset-based accounting on work orders
  • Double click to select in most pick-lists
  • Asset class support in more modules including buildings, plants, water pipes, nodes, and hydrants
  • A new application which offloads all web and mobile report processing to a dedicated service
  • Expanded support for parts issue workflows
  • Enhancements for the GIS Web map including adding content on the fly and saving module spatial configurations
  • New tools in ArcGIS Pro
  • Plus many more

It is important to note that Lucity 2019 does not support Internet Explorer or Oracle.  The recommended browser is Chrome.  Edge performance is substantially inferior to Chrome.  The Lucity 2019 release no longer supports the ASP.NET version of forms in the Lucity Web application.  All now use the new HTML 5 interface.

Join Allison Tuttle and Jonathan Semones next Tuesday, April 2nd at 10:30 am CST for a webinar on the Lucity 2019 release.  Click here to register for the event.

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