Important changes coming in 2019r2 when using the Esri® World Geocoding Service

Starting with version 2019r2, ArcGIS Online service credits will be required to perform certain tasks when Esri’s ArcGIS World Geocoding Service has been set as the system default geocoding service within Lucity.

There are many tools, services, and applications provided with Lucity that use a geocoding service.  Some of these tools will take the results of the geocoding service and store them in the Lucity database.  It is this action, saving the results of the ArcGIS World Geocoding Service to the Lucity database, that will start using your ArcGIS Online service credits.

More information on this change including what actions, if any, you should take when preparing for the version 2019r2 upgrade can be found in this knowledge base article.  Please contact a Lucity support representative if you have any questions or concerns related to this change.

Lucity + CentralSquare at ACT

ACT 2019 will be the first user conference Lucity is hosting since joining the CentralSquare family. As we’ve said before, that partnership brings so much to the table and we wanted to really showcase that during the conference. We’ll be highlighting multiple new products and services that CentralSquare/Lucity has and will have to offer during our sessions at ACT.  Some of these are: Continue reading

Keeping Lucity Mobile Running Smoothly

Mobile technology is changing quickly. Announcements about new phones, new tablets, and new security updates are in the news almost daily. It’s our goal to keep our mobile applications running smoothly and securely. We also work hard to take advantage of the latest changes to the devices operating systems (OS).

We have often heard you ask, “When should we update our mobile devices?” Continue reading