Keeping Lucity Mobile Running Smoothly

Mobile technology is changing quickly. Announcements about new phones, new tablets, and new security updates are in the news almost daily. It’s our goal to keep our mobile applications running smoothly and securely. We also work hard to take advantage of the latest changes to the devices operating systems (OS).

We have often heard you ask, “When should we update our mobile devices?”

First, we always recommend that you install the most recent version of the Lucity 2.0 mobile application whenever it becomes available.

Second, we highly recommend that you keep your mobile devices up to date with the most recent version of the device OS. These updates provide essential security and bug fixes. Also, we take advantage of new features in the OS as we are writing enhancements to the Lucity applications.

Third, we recommend you plan to purchase new mobile devices for your users regularly. At some point, both Android and iOS stop providing OS updates to older versions. Devices running older versions of the OS then become more susceptible to security risks. Older devices may not support new features and enhancements that use more modern versions of the OS. We are occasionally required to drop support for earlier versions of the OS, so if you are using an older tablet, you will miss out on new enhancements and features.

For Android devices, we currently support Android 6.0 and higher. What this means is that users who have devices on Android versions earlier than Android 6.0 will no longer get updates to our application. If they download from the Google Play store, they will get the last version of our app supported on their OS version.

For iOS devices, we currently support iOS 9.0 and higher.

We will continue to provide information as soon as we are able when we increase the minimum version of the OS needed to run the Lucity 2.0 mobile application. In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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