Lucity + CentralSquare at ACT

ACT 2019 will be the first user conference Lucity is hosting since joining the CentralSquare family. As we’ve said before, that partnership brings so much to the table and we wanted to really showcase that during the conference. We’ll be highlighting multiple new products and services that CentralSquare/Lucity has and will have to offer during our sessions at ACT.  Some of these are:

  1. Analytics.  The Lucity software will soon be incorporated into CentralSquare Analytics.  This is a powerful report writing package that will offer a stronger tool for data analysis.  It will also eventually be one of the binders between all of the CentralSquare products as we move forward with the integration.  We will have one session during ACT that focuses on what CentralSquare Analytics is and what it does today for other CentralSquare products.
  2. Integrations.  Over the next year, Lucity will be integrating with the CentralSquare financial products, the Community Development product (for building permitting and code enforcement) and the Utility Billing product.  These are applications that Lucity customers have been asking us about for several years.  We are working on the integration design now and have already started working on some of the integration coding.  During ACT there will be several opportunities to take a closer look at these CentralSquare products.
  3. WorkFlow.  CentralSquare has developed a powerful workflow engine that allows customers to graphically create a workflow or process that they want users to follow when completing activities.  It may be a couple of years before this capability comes to Lucity but we are very excited about the possibilities this has with our work system.  There will be a session dedicated to this new engine and all that it entails.
  4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  CentralSquare has an AI/ML Lab staffed with data scientists.  CentralSquare knows that AI/ML can help public works agencies analyze all of the data that is being collected to help predict and/or report on things that need to be prioritized.  During ACT, CentralSquare will be leading a session focusing on AI/ML and we will be asking attendees for ideas as to how we can use the data that you collect to help you better plan maintenance or replacements.
  5. Better product design.  CentralSquare has a dedicated product design team who will be listening to your recommendations during ACT as to how we can improve the Lucity software.  New this year, ACT will feature a hands-on room where we will have laptops and tablets for users to explore the latest release and get some training on our products.  The Design Team will also be there to hear what you like and what you would like to have improved.
  6. Customer Success & Experience.  CentralSquare has a dedicated Customer Success team whose job is to focus solely on your success.  During ACT there will be a room dedicated to the Customer Success team.  We encourage you to discuss your experiences using Lucity or with any other CentralSquare products with these folks.

We’re excited to bring these new components to ACT and we are confident you’ll see value in them. If you have questions you can post them below or email For full conference details (or to register!) visit

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