July’s Looking Into Lucity

ACT Design Challenge>>>

As you know, Lucity has always been willing to listen to your input when it comes to future software design. Many of you can say you’ve had a hand in a feature or two, or even a new product or module. This year we’re taking from the famous “Dreamin’ With Don”sessions a little further. Do you have a brilliant idea you’d like to submit? We’d love to hear it! We’ll review submissions and narrow down the list. Then you get to present your idea to ACT attendees and convince them to vote for yours to be included in a future Lucity release!

What’s New>>>

Have you heard the news about our new, updated Support Center? Jonathan Semones, Lucity Technical Writer, was instrumental in putting together this new interface designed to make it easier for you to access information about Lucity! In our “What’s New” video this month, Jonathan will take you on a tour of the new site.

Focus On: GIS Web Map Tools>>>

We’re bringing back our “Focus On” feature with the start of a 4-part series on Lucity’s GIS tools. This month, Lucity GIS Support Specialist Melissa Armstrong goes over the tools in the GIS Web Map. This map provides a user-friendly interface to spatially view and interact with your asset and work data. Watch the first part of the series here.

Lucity + Crystal Reports Advanced Training>>>

On July 30th & 31st we’ll be holding an advanced training class for Lucity and Crystal Reports users. You can find out what the course will cover here, and register here when you’re ready. We hope to see you! If you’d like to be notified about future Beginner’s classes, please let us know.

In Case You Missed June’s Looking Into Lucity>>>

Have a suggestion for a topic you’d like to see covered in a future Looking Into Lucity? Let us know!

Looking Into Lucity; June’s Events + RUG Roundup

RUG Roundup >>>
Thanks to everyone who has attended a RUG (or two) this year! Your insight and feedback is so important to us. Out of the over 300 attendees at this year’s RUGs we’re pleased to hear that so many of you are utilizing our new support and training resources AND viewing our Looking Into Lucity videos! We want to be here for you; to spread knowledge, to educate you and to learn from you as well, so it’s great to see that happening.

Taking a Closer Look >>>
This month we will be taking a closer look at two features that allow you to leverage the Lucity Services for creating requests and send out notifications via e-mail:

• Jonathan Semones, Technical Writer, goes through configuring, customizing, and using e-mail notifications.

• Andrea Fowles, Account Specialist, goes over the new feature in Lucity 2014 for creating requests from e-mails.

In Case You Missed It Last Month >>>
• Taking a Closer Look: Document Uploads
• What’s New: Fats, Oils and Grease
Have a suggestion for a topic you would like to see covered next month? Let us know!


Recap: February’s Looking Into Lucity

We’ve had such a fantastic response to our new webinar series, Looking Into Lucity. Thanks to all who attended our sessions and to those who tuned in later to our YouTube channel. For those of you who were unable to attend, here are some links to get you caught up:

Lucity Account Executive Andrea Fowles presented “Taking a Closer Look: Timesheets.” This short how-to video can be viewed anytime here.

Last month also brought you our expert series “Focus On: Mobile Tablet for Android.” This 30 minute demo was presented by Lucity Developer Trey Wheeler, and can be viewed on our Lucity YouTube channel here.

Lucity President Don Pinkston gave us What’s New” with a demonstration of Plant, a new module available in the upcoming Lucity 2014 release. This 15 minute demo with a Q & A can be reviewed here.

As a reminder, if you want to keep up with Lucity on your own time, our YouTube channel is a great way to stay informed  with the latest software demos, videos, tours, and information about our events, such as ACT.



Clients in the Spotlight

At Lucity, we love to shine a light on our friends and clients. With winter’s hand delivering some brutal weather across the county, we’re pleased to spotlight a couple stories to make you feel warm inside! Here are a couple highlights:

The February issue of the APWA Reporter featured the City of Lenexa, Kansas’ innovative stormwater management program. This project, called “Rain to Recreation,” began with the vision of Lenexa’s residents and business community, who teamed up with the Department of Public Works and Parks and Recreation to take green infrastructure to a higher level, viewing stormwater as an asset and combining stormwater projects with recreation projects. While green spaces enhance the city as an enjoyable place to live and work, Lenexa’s tree system serves the additional benefit of cleaning the runoff from streets and rooftops through an interconnected system. Part of that system includes new rules involving stream ordinances and low-impact practices at new development sites, which have reduced the risk of flooding. Additionally, stream setbacks offer wildlife habitat to flourish and scenic trails and tree-filled parks to become part of the city’s landscape. Through their innovative spirit, and their ability to turn a community’s vision into a reality that also happened to solve a problem, Lenexa has received many kudos, including a “Tree City USA” designation, and inclusion on Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live in America,” and Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s “Best Places to Raise Kids.” Continue reading

January’s Looking Into Lucity: A Review

Last month we brought you the first Looking Into Lucity, a monthly training series. This interactive series will offer in-depth training, hosted by a variety of Lucity experts. We’ll notify you of each series via email; from there you’ll have the option to sign up for several 15-30 minute demonstrations with additional opportunities to have your questions answered by a member of our staff – from the President, Don Pinkston, to a developer, implementer, or help desk technician.

In January Lucity Account Executive Andrea Fowles presented Taking a Closer Look: How to Set up Request Forms. This short how-to video can still be viewed anytime here. Andrea also demonstrated a new application: Storm BMPs. In case you were unable to attend this interactive event, we’ve posted a video of the event online to our Lucity YouTube Channel, available here. There is also an informational sheet with some additional information located on our webpage, which you can access here.  For more in-depth information, you can view the Lucity Help Guide section on Storm BMPs here.

For our monthly expert series, Don Pinkston hosted Focus On: Project Management.  This presentation was not recorded for YouTube, but we promise to bring you more from Don, as well as various other Lucity “experts,” in the coming months.

Stay tuned for more information about February’s Looking Into Lucity, coming soon!

Coming Soon…Lucity 2014!

As your technology advances, so does our software.  Stay tuned as we look ahead to “Lucity 2014,” due to release in February. Highlights of the release will include:

  •          New Treatment Plant modules
  •          Category Level Security for Requests
  •          Processing Emails and automatically generating requests
  •          Toast Notifications
  •          Property Viewer
  •          When generating a request or a work order, the Lucity will prompt for what view to openPlant Asset Tree (similar to Site Asset Tree on the dashboard)
  •          More Request and Work Order Tools
  •          Webinizing additional Desktop modules for web use, including:


-Storm BMP & MACP

-Work Flow Setup

-Solid Waste

-Sewer, FOG & IPT

  •          New spatial tables for work orders and requests for live GIS view of ongoing data

Please feel free to comment below, or contact support@lucity.com with questions.

Clients in the Spotlight – 2013 Digital Cities Survey Winners

Each year, the Center for Digital Government and National League of Cities ranks those cities that’ve improved transparency with open government initiatives and access to city services via mobile apps. These cities made a considerable effort to eliminate waste and enhance service levels using agile project management, while reducing costs and improving services through advanced analytics and performance measures. Additionally, these cities are lauded for engaging with their constituencies and continuously improving their municipal services.

We’re pleased to congratulate the Lucity clients who made the list:

  • City of Augusta, GA
  • City of Hampton, VA
  • City of Chula Vista, CA
  • City of Scottsdale, AZ
  • City of Lynchburg, VA
  • Ponca City, OK
  • City of Shawnee, KS
  • City of North Port, FL.

Congratulations to you all!

The full list can be viewed here: