Lucity 2018r2 is Now Available

Today we released Lucity 2018r2 and it is now available for download from our support site.  Some of the new features available in our release include:

  • WYSIWYG form editing directly in the Lucity Web application for existing forms.
  • Completion of all remaining planned form features in the new HTML forms interface allowing clients to move from ASP.NET forms to the new HTML forms.
  • New form features including:
    • A new asset tree control for selecting an asset on Work Orders, Requests, and similar modules.
    • A new dialog for viewing field property information by clicking on a component on the form.
    • The ability to add any parent field as a read-only property to a child form including adding read-only inventory information to inspection web forms.
  • A Work Clock for easy start button/stop button for work order tasks.
  • Support for work flow routing in the Lucity Web application (historically only available in Lucity desktop).
  • A new document management browser in the admin portal.
  • Dashboard Enhancements including:
    • Quick lookup enhancements to search additional fields and use wildcard characters.
    • A new Park Asset Tree.
    • A new dashboard plugin that displays the current user’s daily time summary combining both timesheet and work order time.
  • The ability to filter on parent data from the build a filter interface.
  • New modules for drone management and drone missions, water cathodic protection and inspections, plus more.
  • Added GIS Web features including:
    • Redlining
    • Measure
    • Viewing tablet locations
    • Assigning specific GIS Views to modules for Show in Map
    • and more…
  • Additional tools in ArcGIS Pro.

Check out more details on these enhancements and more in our release notes.  Sign up to attend our webinar on some of these new features. We’ll be presenting live on August 28th at 1pm CDT.

Performance Hotfix Available for Lucity 2017

Today we released a hotfix for the Lucity Web application that improves performance for users on Internet Explorer 11 who are on Lucity 2017.  It also includes several bug fixes which affect users on all browsers.

This hotfix disables the ability to customize colors in Internet Explorer.  Color customization is still supported in other browsers such as Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. We currently have no plans to re-enable color customization for Internet Explorer in future releases.  The performance impact of allowing dynamic colors is too high for Internet Explorer.

The additional fixes included in this hotfix are: Continue reading

Windows Server 2016, SQL Server 2016, and Lucity 2016r2 SP1

This week we released Lucity 2016r2 SP1. The service pack includes a new dashboard import/export, a quick lookup for parts, and bug fixes. It also includes support for Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016.  It can be downloaded from our support portal for users with access to software downloads.

Updated specifications for Lucity 2016r2 can be downloaded here. Older releases of Lucity will likely also work with SQL Server 2016 but will not be tested and we will not be making fixes to support SQL Server 2016 in those releases. The database unification process included in Lucity 2015r2 will not be tested by Lucity on SQL Server 2016. If you intend to move to SQL Server 2016, we suggest you consolidate your Lucity databases first.

The Lucity 2017 release is expected to be released mid February 2017 and will also include support for Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016.