Lucity Mobile 1.4 for Android Released

No Signal

I’m no stranger to the painful feeling of lost signal. Despite the wealth of technological advancements, it’s still a fact of life in some areas. With the release of Lucity Mobile 1.4 for Android we have added a significant amount of enhancements to our disconnected featureset to help mitigate this pain. The big ones include bringing access to your inventory records, the ability to add inspections, view request data, and access the map. So lets take a closer look:

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Lucity Mobile Work 1.2 – Feature Spotlight: Additional Fields

The latest update for Lucity Mobile Work is now available!

With the release last month of the latest update to our Android offering, version 1.2, we added the ability for you to customize what fields are available to your mobile users.

To access this feature simply log in to the device and navigate to the Settings Screen. Once there you’ll see a new option titled “Add Additional Fields”.

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