Join the Lucity team!

As the Lucity client family continues to grow, our staffing needs continue to grow as well. We’re looking to add a few fantastic individuals to our team….so let us know if you’re the right person!

Take a look at our listings for full details regarding the following openings and email with questions or to apply.




Staff Spotlight >> Trey Wheeler

In celebration of his 10th anniversary at Lucity, we’re shining a spotlight on Trey Wheeler. Congratulations on your anniversary Trey!!

Trey Wheeler (@LucityTrey)


My job title is…

Ambassador of Awesome – Though I’m ready for a promotion. Perhaps Venerable Awesome Incarnate. Y’know, just something humble.

But here’s what I really do…

Dream, Code, CTrey2reate. I establish best practices and support our client side development; Emphasizing maintainability and user experience.

I’m making a difference at Lucity by…

Conquering new platforms, enhancing the user experience, and empowering my fellow developers.

 I find my biggest (work-related) challenge to be… Continue reading

Staff Spotlight >> Luke Savage

In celebration of his 5th anniversary at Lucity, we’re shining a spotlight on Luke Savage. Congratulations on your anniversary Luke!

Luke Savage, Client Services Consultant


My job title is…

Client Services Consultant

But here’s what I really do…

It really depends on the day and year.  You’ll notice me pop up from time to time.  To me and to Lucity, clients come first and I generally fill the gabs in client services.  In various ways, I support sales in new client system assessments.  Also, I help our help desk staff and work with implementers on an ongoing basis.  Recently, I’ve been writing specialized documentation that will help implementers and clients alike.  For Regional User Groups, I help in preparation and planning.  We look forward to Regional User Groups every year.  As for day to day operations, the list is astronomical but in every case I’m here to help our users and Lucity staff be successful in using Lucity and Esri Software.  For Lucity business partners, I’m a Liaison to Esri working with Jim Graham on the business partner relationship.  By the way, Esri and Lucity are doing well together.  We’ve grown closer not only technologically but also in business focus.  I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made in a few short years.

 I’m making a difference at Lucity by…

Being the workhorse where needed.

 I find my biggest (work-related) challenge to be… Continue reading

Staff Spotlight >> Roy McGregor

RoyRoy McGregor (@LucityRoy)


My job title is… Development Dragon

But here’s what I really do… Develop modules for the web and fix bugs in the web software.

I’m making a difference at Lucity by… Trying to understand how the modules by asking questions when something doesn’t make sense to me. In order for the code to work flawlessly I need to know how it will be used.

I find my biggest (work-related) challenge to be…  Continue reading

When Great Minds Come Together…

20150216_140227Earlier this week we closed Lucity Headquarters and dedicated the entire day to a corporate meeting. On paper that sounds like a long, boring day spent guzzling coffee to fight off yawns. But those of us at Lucity know better. Our day included sneak peaks at new software development, speed ‘dating’ at lunch, a taste of what our clients experience during implementation, and it ended with a few intense games of ping pong, darts and pool. You know, just a typical day here at Lucity. Continue reading

Staff Spotlight >> Chris Wright

ChrisWChris Wright (@LucityChris)


My job title is…Senior Systems Engineer

But here’s what I really do…Develop integrations for clients to couple other systems to Lucity, create internal applications for Lucity needs (Data Transfers, Licensing programs, Client Information repository, etc), develop import programs, develop database upgrade scripts and processes to patch and upgrade client databases, maintain and troubleshoot legacy applications, configure and monitor database changes and tests as development applies modifications for upcoming releases.

I’m making a difference at Lucity by…considering all sides of a decision so that we ensure our clients’ needs are met with minimal interruptions as possible.  Additionally, I strive to make processes easier for our own staff so they can do their own work more efficiently.

I find my biggest (work-related) challenge to be… Continue reading