Public Works Week WINNER!

We’re celebrating the Biggest Success of one of Lucity’s public works champions. The second day of our Public Works Week Contest highlights an accomplishment many years in the making, and actually involves two Lucity clients. Their devotion to their customers and the environment played a key role in this massive undertaking. You’ll all recognize and appreciate the amount of effort and dedication this goal must have presented. But this agency is always willing to rise to the occasion. Lucity Senior Implementation Specialist Matt Miner (@LucityMatt) says the City is “ready and willing to seek out, or even create, the best solution. They’re quick to adopt new processes when there is a promise of enhanced productivity.”

Join us in thanking and congratulating our friends in the Northwest for this amazing accomplishment! Continue reading

Public Works Week WINNER!

If you’ve been following along you know that we’ve selected the winners of Lucity’s first ever Public Works Week contest. We were so excited to receive so many entries, and had a great time reading your submissions. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve selected one individual/agency to honor each day this week.

Today’s winner was nominated as his agency’s Superstar Lucity User. In fact, he received two nominations! (We’ve included the submissions below.) Lucity Support Specialist Melissa Armstrong (@LucityMelissa) says “He is always friendly and patient. He’s very knowledgeable about Lucity administration and is willing to see issues through to their resolution. Great to work with!”

We’re thrilled to present him with today’s award – he’s fantastic to work with as a client and has become a friend to many of us here at Lucity. Congratulations!! Continue reading

National Public Works Week Contest

As those of you in the Public Works world likely know, National Public Works Week is May 17 – 23. This APWA-sponsored event is a celebration of all those who “provide and maintain the infrastructure and services collectively known as public works.”

Here at Lucity, we want to honor our friends who work in Public Works. We’re holding a contest of sorts, a way for you to show off your accomplishments and successes, and maybe win a little something in the process. If you’d like to participate, here’s what you do:

Send your response to any of the following by May 8th to We’ll evaluate all entries and select an organization to receive recognition each day of Public Works Week.

  • Share your best / funniest / craziest Public Works photo and/or story
  • Tell us your plans to celebrate Public Works Week
  • Tell us why your Public Works Director is the best in the business
  • What has been your biggest success this year in Public Works?
  • Who is your superstar Lucity user in your organization and why are they indispensable?

Good luck! We can’t wait to see your submittals!

Lucity’s Esri User Conference Wrap-Up

Lucity was well represented for our perennial trek to the Esri User Conference (UC) convened July 14-18, 2014 in San Diego, CA. Nicole Schmidt, P.E. (Product Manager) and Luke Savage, GISP (Client Services Consultant) focused their time attending technical sessions and meetings, including getting together for our Gold Tier Partner discussions with Esri’s Seth Tribbey (Partner Manager) and MD Huq (Technical Advisor). Chris Crupi (West Region Manager), Joel Knight, P.E. (East Region Manager), and Jim Graham, P.E. (Chief Operating Officer) staffed our booth at the GIS Solutions EXPO, where they met prospective customers/partners and connected with friends from our current customer/partner community.

We were excited to support the presentation efforts of Rogelio Matta, a Lucity Client Advisory Board member and Senior Administrative Analyst with the City of Fontana, CA – a longtime Lucity customer. At one of the many technical sessions/workshops, Rogelio discussed how the City is utilizing Lucity and Esri solutions together to track water consumption for park irrigation, with the goal of saving the City significant (thousands, and perhaps millions) of dollars – a particularly apt topic in drought-stricken southern California.

Lucity also sponsored some UC-related events hosted by Esri applicable to our target market interests, including the Water User Group Pool Party and Public Works Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting.

Clients in the Spotlight

At Lucity, we love to shine a light on our friends and clients. With winter’s hand delivering some brutal weather across the county, we’re pleased to spotlight a couple stories to make you feel warm inside! Here are a couple highlights:

The February issue of the APWA Reporter featured the City of Lenexa, Kansas’ innovative stormwater management program. This project, called “Rain to Recreation,” began with the vision of Lenexa’s residents and business community, who teamed up with the Department of Public Works and Parks and Recreation to take green infrastructure to a higher level, viewing stormwater as an asset and combining stormwater projects with recreation projects. While green spaces enhance the city as an enjoyable place to live and work, Lenexa’s tree system serves the additional benefit of cleaning the runoff from streets and rooftops through an interconnected system. Part of that system includes new rules involving stream ordinances and low-impact practices at new development sites, which have reduced the risk of flooding. Additionally, stream setbacks offer wildlife habitat to flourish and scenic trails and tree-filled parks to become part of the city’s landscape. Through their innovative spirit, and their ability to turn a community’s vision into a reality that also happened to solve a problem, Lenexa has received many kudos, including a “Tree City USA” designation, and inclusion on Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live in America,” and Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s “Best Places to Raise Kids.” Continue reading

Clients in the Spotlight – 2013 Digital Cities Survey Winners

Each year, the Center for Digital Government and National League of Cities ranks those cities that’ve improved transparency with open government initiatives and access to city services via mobile apps. These cities made a considerable effort to eliminate waste and enhance service levels using agile project management, while reducing costs and improving services through advanced analytics and performance measures. Additionally, these cities are lauded for engaging with their constituencies and continuously improving their municipal services.

We’re pleased to congratulate the Lucity clients who made the list:

  • City of Augusta, GA
  • City of Hampton, VA
  • City of Chula Vista, CA
  • City of Scottsdale, AZ
  • City of Lynchburg, VA
  • Ponca City, OK
  • City of Shawnee, KS
  • City of North Port, FL.

Congratulations to you all!

The full list can be viewed here:

Northwestern Water and Sewer District Wins GIS Award!

We know how diligently our clients work, not only for the betterment of their agency, but for the citizens of their city as well. So when a client receives recognition for their work, we feel like we’ve won too.

We’re so proud to congratulate Northwestern Water and Sewer District, who recently received the OGRIP Best Practices Award. The Ohio GIS Best Practices Award, presented annually at the Ohio GIS Conference, recognizes organizations in Ohio that have or are implementing GIS in a manner consistent with OGRIP’s goals and objectives.

Among other criteria, an agency should demonstrate a GIS program with an enterprise-wide approach and community resource perspective, support and facilitate data sharing through an increase in interaction between entities, and demonstrate the use of GIS as an analysis and decision support tool.