Service Packs for 7.40 and 7.50

The new service packs for Lucity versions 7.40 and 7.50 are now available.  The Lucity 7.40 SP2 and Lucity 7.50 SP1 patch installers can be downloaded from the Lucity website here.  The full install media is also available for download for these releases here.  For a list of issues resolved in these service packs, please visit the patch installer download page.

Lucity 7.40 Enhancements: Single Identifiers for Sewer and Storm Pipes

In Lucity 7.40, Sewer Pipes and Storm Pipes are now referenced using a single unique identifier.  The old upstream and downstream structures are still available and functional, but the new Alt Pipe Id field is now used to uniquely reference pipes when they are created in GIS, added to a work order, or any of the other relationships that a pipe may have in Lucity.  This change allows for simpler integration with GIS using the Esri® data models, simplifies dealing with parallel pipes, and is more consistent with the way all of the other Lucity inventory modules are designed. Continue reading

Lucity 7.40 Enhancements: Updating the Geodatabase from Lucity Desktop

Prior to Lucity 7.40, Lucity Desktop users could only edit attributes integrated with an Esri® ArcSDE geodatabase if a local copy of Esri’s ArcGIS for Desktop product was installed.  This is because the Lucity Desktop application uses the local ArcSDE libraries that are installed with the ArcGIS product to make geodatabase updates.  Starting with 7.40, geodatabase updates from Lucity Desktop can be made without any local Esri products installed. Continue reading

Lucity 7.40 Enhancements: Risk Analysis

This is a series of blog posts on the new enhancements available with Lucity Version 7.40 including:

Starting with the 7.40 release, all of the Lucity inventory modules have several new fields to assist with risk analysis.  Continue reading