Lucity 2016 Plus New Mobile Releases Now Available

This is a big release week for Lucity!  This week released Lucity 2016 and 2.0 version of every Lucity mobile product on the Apple App Store® and the Google Play™ store. These new mobile releases go hand in hand with the Lucity 2016 release.  The older 1.x versions of the mobile apps will remain available on the app stores for use with Lucity 2015r2 and earlier.

With all of these releases we have a lot of news to share, more than we can  cover in one blog post.  Look for a blog post on Lucity Mobile applications later this week. Here are the highlights for the Lucity 2016 release: Continue reading

Lucity Mobile Warehouse 1.0.1

This week we released an update to the Lucity Mobile Warehouse application for Android phone and Apple iPhone.  This release resolves a few minor bugs, adds side to side scrolling support in description fields, and adds warehouse names to the transfer parts display.  This new release is called Lucity Mobile Warehouse 1.0.  It is targeted specifically for use with Lucity 2015r2.

Lucity Mobile Warehouse is a live mobile application designed for warehouse managers.   Continue reading

Lucity 2015r2 is Here

This week we released Lucity 2015r2.  Big improvements and changes are in this release including:

  • A new dashboard and time sheet user interface
  • Live WYSIWYG dashboard editing on the web
  • A new work scheduler application
  • A new graphic interface for managing tire installations
  • New modules for Storm Water Quality management
  • New modules for Street Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • New work estimating tools
  • Construction modules on the web
  • Plus many new enhancements in GIS, Work, Water, Storm, Trees, and more

In addition to this long list of new features, this release also includes a tool to consolidate all of the numerous GBA* databases into a single new Lucity database. Stay tuned for some details on how this unification process works in the August edition of Looking into Lucity in your email inbox.

Here is a brief peek at just a few of the new features in Lucity 2015r2

We hope you join us at ACT in Kansas City in a few weeks to see this in action.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below or visit us at Lucity Listens.

Internet Explorer Support for Lucity

We are planning out new functionality for the upcoming Summer release and the Feb 2016 release.  Our Lucity Web application user interface is getting serious attention by our developers.  Some of the improvements affect support for older IE browsers so we wanted to provide our clients information about what to expect for Internet Explorer support moving forward.

Here are some details of Internet Explorer support for Lucity Web for past, current, and future releases.  This article discusses the Microsoft support policy for Internet Explorer.

Continue reading

Big Changes Coming for Lucity SQL Server Databases

Get prepared for a nice (but big) change coming for Lucity databases for our SQL Server clients. Historically, Lucity data has been spread across 10 databases (Comm, User, Work, Sewer, Storm, Street, Park, Water, Equip, and Electric). In Lucity 2015r2 (August 2015), a wizard will be provided to combine these databases into a single Lucity database. Data in a single database provides so many advantages for our clients including:

  • Simpler database backup and maintenance plans
  • Easier addition of new Lucity products
  • Better database file management
  • Improved cross database reporting
  • Streamlined database connection management

In addition to these advantages, it  allows us at Lucity to support new license models, add cool new features faster, and improve the overall stability of the software. Continue reading

Lucity for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch 1.50 Release – GIS Editing and Toolkits

Last week the latest Lucity Mobile version for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch was released to the App Store. It includes two major improvements: GIS feature editing and toolkits.

GIS feature editing is available for clients using the new Lucity GIS feature update model. image1 (4)

Toolkits are available for select modules for clients using Lucity 2014r2 SP1 and higher. The following tools have been released:

In Lucity 2014r2 SP1

  • Change Crew (Work Orders)
  • Add Main Task (Work Orders)
  • Add Multiple….  (Work Order Tasks)
  • Create Inspection (Work Order Asset)
  • Populate Dates and Units (Work Order Tasks)

Lucity 2015

  • Select Street Pavement Inspection Field Distresses tools
  • Select Storm BMP tools
  • Install, Uninstall, Swap Meter tools (Work Orders)
  • Create Work Order From Template (Work Orders)

Lucity 2015 SP1 (coming very soon)

  • Populate Task for Crew (Work Orders)

To request a specific toolkit to be available on the mobile devices, visit our Lucity Listens page dedicated to mobile enhancements. Let us know how we can improve our mobile applications!