Performance Hotfix Available for Lucity 2017

Today we released a hotfix for the Lucity Web application that improves performance for users on Internet Explorer 11 who are on Lucity 2017.  It also includes several bug fixes which affect users on all browsers.

This hotfix disables the ability to customize colors in Internet Explorer.  Color customization is still supported in other browsers such as Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. We currently have no plans to re-enable color customization for Internet Explorer in future releases.  The performance impact of allowing dynamic colors is too high for Internet Explorer.

The additional fixes included in this hotfix are: Continue reading

Hotfix Available for Lucity 7.40 Web Products

A hotfix is now available for Lucity Web 7.40 to resolve rendering problems in Internet Explorer 8.0 for popups in the web forms.  For some clients using Internet Explorer 8.0, the code type popups may occasionally render underneath other controls, making it impossible to select values from the popup.  This hotfix also addresses some problems with errors that may occur if multiple users are simultaneously editing and creating objects of the same type in the Lucity Web application.

It can be downloaded from the Lucity install media page or using this direct link.

Apply this hotfix to the web server(s) after installing Lucity 7.40 SP0.  This hotfix only applies to this version of the software.  For any questions or concerns please leave a comment below or contact Lucity Support.