iOS Release for Lucity 2.0

Clients on Lucity 2016, Lucity 2016r2, Lucity 2017, Lucity 2017r2, or Lucity 2018 can download a new release for Lucity 2.0 (2.9) for iPad® and iPhone®. This release includes the following:

  • Map Enhancements
    • Advanced Show in Map (for iPad online)
    • Multi-Select using a Polygon (for iPad)
    • Caching multiple map extents offline
    • Increased support for Default Extents
    • Support for opening the inventory form from the map Identify pane
  • Dashboard Enhancements
    • Support for URL dashboard plugins
    • Support for the new Time Summary plugin (requires Lucity 2018r2)
  • View/Form Enhancements
    • Support for barcode scanning within forms
    • GPS collection on select inspection observations
    • Show in Map now available from a form
    • Support for dynamic picklists within certain toolkits
  • Documents
    • Pictures are now expanded to full screen size when opened
    • JPG compression increased so picture files are smaller when uploading and downloading
    • Improved document management — Documents opened online are cached on the device to make them more easily available both online and offline; documents added offline are cached on the device for use offline
    • Images now include EXIF Data
  • App Links
    • Support for using a custom URL to configure the mobile application
    • Support for additional app links for opening the map or modules
  • Send PDFs to Lucity Mobile to support 3rd party e-signature workflows
  • Improved offline download performance
  • Several bugs resolved

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National Public Works Week WINNER!

We’re celebrating the Biggest Success of Lucity’s public works champions. The second day of our Public Works Week Contest highlights an accomplishment a few years in the making. We love to hear of those “Aha!” moments that happen at our Annual Conference & Training (ACT), and seeing them come to fruition is even better. You’ll all recognize and appreciate the amount of effort and dedication this goal presented, but the agency’s committment to efficient and effective public works efforts.  Continue reading

Android Release for Lucity 2.0

Today Lucity released an update to the Google Play store for LucityAM Mobile 2.0 for Android (Version 2.5) for use with versions 2016, 2016r2, 2017, 2017r2, and 2018. This update includes support for:

  • Prompting to select a work order view when creating a work order from a request, an inventory module or an inspection module. This functionality is not yet available for the map or offline. (Requires LucityAM 2018)
  • Searching in the Modules Menu
  • Restores Advanced Show in Map from the Work Order Asset grid
  • Standardizes address searching between the Search tool and Show in Map
  • Various bug fixes

The update can be downloaded from the Google Play store from your device. To enable updates automatically, open the Lucity Mobile 2.0 details page on Google Play, tap on the menu in the upper right corner, and check the box that says “Auto-update”.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below or visit us at Lucity Listens.