Lucity Mobile 1.4 for Android Released

No Signal

I’m no stranger to the painful feeling of lost signal. Despite the wealth of technological advancements, it’s still a fact of life in some areas. With the release of Lucity Mobile 1.4 for Android we have added a significant amount of enhancements to our disconnected featureset to help mitigate this pain. The big ones include bringing access to your inventory records, the ability to add inspections, view request data, and access the map. So lets take a closer look:

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Lucity’s new Environmental Compliance tools

Every year at Lucity’s Annual Conference & Training (ACT) we host a series of sessions we call Dreamin’. These sessions are open discussions that drive future development of our applications. At ACT ‘11 we held a Dreamin’ session to address your need for Environmental Compliance tools. We heard about your need for a module dedicated to tracking and monitoring the facilities that are the source of fats, oils and grease (FOG) in your sewer system. We also learned about the need for an industrial pretreatment module; a way to monitor and control wastewater discharges from industrial sources. And we learned just how important linking these tools to your sewer system and your GIS really is.

Shortly after ACT we formed a Client Advisory Group dedicated to the design of Lucity’s new Environmental Compliance module. With the direct input and guidance from many of you, we developed a comprehensive tool for managing FOG and Industrial PreTreatment. We’re excited to have this application available with 7.30!

With Lucity Environmental Compliance you can:

  • Schedule and Track all Facility Inspections
  • Schedule and Track all Facility Pumpouts
  • Track all maintenance log submittals
  • Track all conversations to/from facility and/or hauler
  • Compare pickup volumes with disposal volumes
  • Track all notices, warning and violations as well as all corrective activities
  • Track all permits for each facility, hauler and/or receiving station

If you are interested in more information, let us know…we’d be happy to give you a personal demonstration to answer any additional questions you may have.