Lucity 7.30 Enhancements: Request Submittal Form

Lucity made several enhancements for request submissions in the Lucity Citizen Web Portal for the Version 7.30 release.  Some of these enhancements are also applicable for request submissions using the Lucity Web application.  Three key changes are: the ability to control the captcha requirement on a form by form basis, the ability to send additional emails on demand regarding a submitted request, and the ability to disable the submit button to show an informational only message.

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Lucity 7.20 Enhancements: Work Management Productivity Tools

Welcome to the fifth in a series of blog posts that will highlight key changes and enhancements made to the Lucity software for 7.20.  This post discusses some improvements to help you to be more productive in our Work Management modules.  Additional topics in this series include:

These productivity improvements are not the most glamorous of our enhancements discussed in this series, but we hope these changes will save users time and reduce some tedious daily tasks.  For the 7.20 release we added tools for closing work orders in bulk, as well as batch updating supervisor, lead worker or crew assignments.  We also added the ability to add multiple sub tasks to a work order at once. Continue reading